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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Preparation for SPM...2011

Soon enough I was actually form 5 and it was a year of stress & peer pressure because of SPM. I was so stress until I got fever every two weeks. That was just bad...I thought I'm having some sickness but it was just stress and it was pointless stress...why? because the things I study didn't really come out...=.= GREAT...~ but I really thank God that He was with me during that whole spm period (not to say He's not here with me now, I just feel Him more that time) and He even helped me through my exam for example, my bm was always not good & i always forget my bm words but during the bm test I just remember every word and even when I forget I just pray to God and the word just came to me. What a miracle! I may sound ridiculous but it was true! Thanks to HIM...all things worked out for me. THANK YOU LORD!

Youth Prayer Conference March 2011

Soon after Youth Quake...we had Youth Prayer Conference in March 2011. The "Defence of the Almighty (DOTA) " It was a really good camp because they teach you how to spend time with God and seriously meditate and talking to him and also learning how to pray and to pray for your family, friends and everyone else. Good experience! XD

I really encourage you all to go. The next Youth Prayer Conference 2012 is in June! XD

Youth Quake 2010

This is my first time going for Youth Quake & my first time attending TRAC youth camps. This was held in Peace Haven, Genting Highlands on the 26/12/10- 30/12/10. Over 400 people went and greatly I met many new people. That was where I got my transformation.

So this is what happened. On the last day during the altar call, I went out for prayer & cried super badly. The lady who prayed for me told me that God wants to tell me that He loves me and He was always there when I'm alone, when I don't feel Him. He told me that I'm not alone and He just wants me to be myself and if i made the first step...He will gonna take care of the rest. I was shock when I hear that because never in my life...God was so real to me maybe I know he existed and He hears my prayer but it just hit me because He was directly speaking to me through another person and I've been trying to hear from him for the past year.

I was actually Form 4 that year and I had a hard time adjusting to my class, friends and the new subjects that we're taking. I start to realize that my close friends were avoiding and ignoring me, they didn't want to mix with me and they even talk behind my back and go out for gathering without including me. My classmates(male) bully and tease me every single time and they laugh at me, giving me names. I was really heart broken and I got no one to look up to. everyone was practically rejecting me, no one ever come to me and ask if I'm ok. They just don't bother and continue talking behind my back. I cried to God every night but nothing seems to happen or change and I wasn't able to feel him or to hear from him. It was really depressing, stress and frustrating. I even tried to please people and let them use and take advantage of me. I even did some ridiculous stuff that make people acknowledge me even though it might be a bad impression but i didn't mind, as long as they acknowledge me and thats fine. But everything was just so wrong and it became worst, my parents start to feel that i'm a burden for them and they did not understand what was I going trough. but after that whole year of nuts. God finally revealed himself to me during Youth Quake and I just thank Him for everything and from then on I never said that He wasn't there.

After that it was a new year 2011...I did what God told me to do that is to be myself and so I did. My friends start coming back to me and they told me that I've improved so much from the year before, they started to trust me again and we became good friends again. God really made his promised by bringing back my friends to me & there was no more rejection from then on. Praise The LORD! FOR HE HAS BEEN FAITHFUL TO ME! THANK YOU LORD FOR EVERYTHING YOU'VE BLESSED ME WITH. =)

If you ever feel that God is not there...just pray and ask Him to help you to seek Him deeper and trust Him and have faith in all that you do. He will eventually reveal to you. =)
A verse for you...
Proverbs 3: 5-6 (NIV)
5 Trust in the LORD with all your heart 
   and lean not on your own understanding; 
6 in all your ways submit to him, 
   and he will make your paths straight.

Mission Trip to Long Lamai, Sarawak I went to Long Lamai, Sarawak for a mission week during November 2010 (I kinda forget when exactly =P) So the fellows that went was Uncle Herbie, Aunt Ling Ming, Austin, Ellie, Fung Hao, Eve, Ben, Grace, Hannah Khaw, Kin Hoe & Zhan! It was a really memorable 1 week in there & it was a great experience staying in the jungle, going up the heels, bathing in the river, jumping off the tree, going online XD & following some of the small kids to catch fish. The food there was AWESOME! We had wild boar, fried unripe papaya and etc...The weather was cool at night but super hot in the afternoon. Everything was great that but except for one stupid thing that is SAND FLIES. It was really terrifying!!! It bit me and I can't stop scratching until Hannah Khaw, Auntie Ling Ming & Ellie has to tie my hand to stop me from scratching it. LOL

The first thing we did was riding in the 4WD through the bumpy & muddy roads and it was a 6 hour ride but of course we needed to go to the wee...and yes we stopped halfway, got down and lifted our sarungs and there we did our thing! XD It wasn't a really bad journey indeed it was a interesting journey =) After we have reached Long Puak, we took a sampan to Long Lamai and there the villagers was so welcoming that the kids stand on the bridge waiting for our arrivals. Soon enough, some of youths there brought us to bathe in the river because we were so stinky and smelly. Soon enough thanks to the very clever Zhan came to us and said: " I bathe up stream just now and pooped there ", Hannah Khaw and some of us were stunned because we were bathing down there. EWW...

Everything went all fine. Khaw gave me a nick name which is Ayam Bandar because they think that I sound bimbotic & because I come from a city area. LOL We got to mix with the youths and the children there. They were very friendly and we even played with them & others. The kids were very cute and adorable even though they have kutu on their hair. We were quite scared but we didn't bother because giving love to them matters than anything else. =) When it was Sunday, it was a time for celebration because some of us have to leave one day earlier so they shows us how to blow the nose flute which was really smelly if you breathe in. lol and they taught us their penan dance hahahahahaha (Hannah Khaw ;D) I cried that night when Nastazsa came over to hug was so embarrassing but I really miss and love them. 

The whole village made me realize that their faith & trust in God was stronger than mine and that struck me a lot because the people there doesn't have what we have and they don't even have enough sometimes but they trust in the Lord fully without any doubts and we city people are just taking things for granted. We have more than we need but we still ask for more and expect God to give it to us immediately and when He gives, we are not satisfied with it. That really hit me because I always thought that I'm sort of holy but compared to them, I really lose to them. From then on...I really thank God for giving me even though sometimes we are still not satisfied but we must really thank Him for everything He has given us.

On the 7th day which was Monday, me, Hannah, Eve and Fung Hao left for Bario and we stayed there for one night then we headed back to miri the next day with a small plane and headed back to KL at night with Air Asia. XD

Here are some pictures for you to look trough...=) Enjoy

 Mission Trippers!

 Childrens singing "I just want to be a sheep"

 Ayam Bandar & anak ayam bandars! 

 Naz carrying Khaw

 bathing in the river with Grace =)

 Khaw's husband Wong Fei Hong gave this love letter to her XD

 Wild Boar!


 My anak ayam bandar gave me =( I miss you!

necklace from Long Lamai 

 The sweet couple! Fung Hao & Eve



 Khaw & Wong(aww...XD) & others


 Kin Hoe with some fruit.

 *I just want to be a sheep 
Baa Baa Baa Baa* XD

 Our Mission Team!

 When we were about to leave to Bario

 My anak ayam bandar!

 Khaw having a hard time...;)

 Uncle Herbie with his mosquitor racket.


 Nose Flute.


 prize giving!

 I miss you!!! ;D



Eleazar...XD (leng zhai right? ;D )

Crystal's Comeback!

Hey everyone! After so long, I'm finally back! Sorry to keep you all waiting. Since I have stop blogging on the Oct 1, 2010. Now, I shall update you on what I've been up to these 1 & 1/2 year. Starting with...(look up)

Friday, October 1, 2010


Dong Woon
(the handsome maknae)

Gi Kwang/ AJ
(the sexy)

Yo Seop
(the cutie pie & fake maknae XD)

Jun Hyung
(the powerful rapper)

Hyun Seung
(the dancing machine)

Doo Joon
(the funny leader)

B2ST wallpaper

BEAST/ B2ST IS BACK WITH THE NEW 3RD ALBUM "MASTERMIND"! so happy!!! I Hope that this album will be succesfully sold and you guys will continue to support them! XD